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If you can’t stand the HEAT, get out of the….

HEATIf you can’t stand the HEAT – Get out of the….

Although I’d like to say for us MSers that taking care of any heat issues we have during the summer months is as easy as staying out of the kitchen, that, of course, is not the issue. Many people talk about getting out there in the sun and heat to get happily baked to a crisp during the summer months. Us MSers, however, have a totally different position on the heat! In fact, anyone with Multiple Sclerosis that hears that single word “HEAT” could become anxious due to challenges the HEAT poses to us.

Yes, preparing for the HEAT is serious business!

Truth be told, many of us begin in the winter months preparing for the summer! Yes, you read that correctly, in the dead of winter, we can start preparing for the upcoming summer. We focus on making sure the air conditioner is in tip top shape, window treatments give maximum protection from the elements, we get cooling vests, head protection, travel to cooler climates and anything else we can do to make sure we are staying cool.

How do we deal with MS during the summer months?

I was always mindful of the heat. My MS Story may not be different than yours as heat intolerance was always the one thing that seemed to get me (before I became symptom free). My head use to feel like it was baking…literally from the inside out, I would feel tingling, even some numbness. So I understand first hand why this is one topic that we need to not only prepare for, but share the info so others do not have to suffer!

Things you may experience when you are suffering from Heat Exposure:

1 – Dizziness

2 – Immediate onset of fatigue – (Almost as though somebody burst your energy bubble)

3 – Blurred Vision

4 – Shakiness or Tremors

5 – Numbness and tingling in limbs

6 – Decrease in your cognitive function (You knew you were smarter or more clear headed before you got into that sun, sauna, or hot shower, right?)

An interesting fact about the heat and our Multiple Sclerosis is that yes, it can cause us to have symptoms that either appear or start to get worse during heat exposure. It does not cause any long-term inflammation or lesions which is great news, but we still need to think about ways to stay cool and get over the immediate affects of the heat. And for most people, once they are removed from the heat their body will return to how they felt before going out in the elements.


Some “COOL” ways to beat the HEAT:  HEAT

1 – Air conditioning.

2 – Cooling Products – You can Google it, there are dozens to choose from. There are also things you can do – soak a sponge in water, freeze and then put in a freezer bag, this stays cool for a long time and is very inexpensive. Get a cooling towel or cooling wrist bands. Contact the MS Society they have cooling programs in place too.

3 – Get into a cool bath/shower, swimming pool, or if you’re lucky enough to be by a lake or ocean – jump on in.

4 – Misting Fans.

5 – Stay hydrated by drinking cool beverages – obviously water is the best choice. This will go to your core and immediately go to work on lowering your overall temperature.

6 – Keep covered when in the sun. By wearing a hat during the summer (before I was symptom-free) it gave me more time to be outside before the heat would affect me.

7 – Eat foods that are cool – fruits, veggies, salads. Healthy icees made from real food, not stuff packed with sugar (that can also cause fatigue).

8 – If exercising in the summer, workout later in the evening or earlier in the morning – making sure to stay hydrated.

I would like to say it’s as easy as thinking cool thoughts, but the best thing you can do to beat the heat is by staying prepared at all times and really listen to your body! HEAT

Now, I do recommend that we get outside in the sun each morning, if possible, for 10-20 minutes to get the Vitamin D benefits from the sun which is so important to safely and effectively raise or Vitamin D levels in our bodies which is necessary to stop inflammation, build our immunity, fight flare-ups and it can even keep us from having further issues with our MS.

If you’d like to learn ways to deal with your MS in more natural and holistic ways, check out my book “Waking Up From MS – My Journey to Health, Healing, and Living Symptom-Free.” It is a roadmap to all the things I’ve done to become healthy and symptom free on my almost 30-year journey living with MS.

The good news is you can still have an enjoyable summer, even with the HEAT, if you stay prepared!


To Our Health!

Kellie Alderton

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Are you jumping on the “Grounding” bandwagon?

Grounding for LIFE!

When I say, “Grounding” am I bringing back childhood memories of being grounded or perhaps, for us parents, something we’ve had to say now and again to our kiddos? Well, No, I’m actually talking about Grounding, also known as Earthing. It can be the basis of restoring our health and vitality.

This concept, of course, is something that has been done since the beginning of time. The practice involves the connection between our body to the Earth’s surface energy by standing, walking, sitting or even sleeping outside. Grounding actually changes our bodies physiology at the cellular level. You can also use a grounding mat while indoors to get the same effect. Our body is able to absorb the electrical charges from the earth!

Grounding is a simple concept of us getting back to nature, getting back to our purest energy, and our connection with the Earth.

When you think about it, the further we get from nature and our soul’s connection to its natural healing properties the more health challenges society seems to have. Unlike any time in history, we are being bombarded by electro-pollution and EMF’s. We are affected every minute of every day via cell phones, computers, tv’s, microwaves, electrical appliances, power lines, cell towers.

Grounding brings us back in balance!Grounding

Reactions from grounding can vary from person to person. Some may notice a difference immediately and others may take a few days or even weeks.  In studies, it seems that people with the worst inflammation will notice the biggest difference from grounding.

Benefits of Grounding: Lessens pain and inflammation, Reduces stress, Increases energy, Improves blood pressure, Increases circulation, Helps restore restful sleep, Relieves muscle tension and headaches, Helps adrenal fatigue, Anxiety, and Depression.

Grounding is my new “go to” self-help treatment. I absolutely love it. Every morning I get outside for at least 20 minutes and walk in the grass, it’s energizing and really evokes a sense of peace and centeredness. This is also a great time to soak up that Vitamin D from the sun so you’re going to have compounding health benefits. Grounding is also an important thing to do with our children – they are getting hit with the same type of electro-pollution, maybe even moreso than some adults. (If we want to be healthy, it’s important to look at many different ways to lessen the toxic load our bodies endure each day)

How long does it take? Well, some people report feeling better after just 20 minutes and grounding/earthing research has shown physiological changes and significant improvements in the body’s electrical activity after 30 to 40 minutes.*

The good news is that Grounding is so simple, everyone can do it. Just go outside barefoot and get in the grass, dirt, sand or even concrete (wet).


If you can’t get outside, I recommend grounding mats – there’s many to choose from and you can use it in bed, at the computer, even in the office.  Grounding/Earthing is a simple way to lessen inflammation, help you get more centered, balanced, and another thing you can do to restore or maintain your healthy lifestyle, give it a try right away!

If you want to learn more ways to restore your health and vitality especially while living with Multiple Sclerosis, check out my book,  “Waking Up From MS – My Journey to Health, Healing and Living Symptom Free” – It covers my almost 30 year journey living with MS and how I am now living symptom free, healthy and strong.


To our health!

Kellie Alderton


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