Here are some of the MS resources I have found to be very beneficial and helpful in my own journey:

Waking Up From MS – My Journey to Health, Healing, and Living Symptom Free – My book detailing my almost 30 year journey with MS and how I beat MS through holistic and alternative therapies. I give tips and techniques how to live your best life now, even with MS!

My FB page for Waking Up From MS – I share updated information about living with MS, new studies, new ideas, beneficial information to help us in our journey with MS!

Vollara/Healthy Solutions, Inc – My healthy living/products company – – The source for some of the supplements and Green products I use on a daily basis. (Air purifiers, PH/Alkaline water, Hydrogen infused water bottle, Laundry pure, Healthy, enzyme based supplements)

Atlas Orthogonal/Chiropractor/Acupuncture/Naturopath –  Dr. Mark J. Freund, BS, DC, BCAO, ND, DACBN, CTN FIAMA, Dipl Med Ac – North Shore Atlas  

Massage Therapy – Rachelle Manieri – LMT – Specializing in Pain Relief, Myofascial Release & Reiki Healing

Holistic/Biological Dentist – Dr. Blaine Cusack 

Acupuncturist & Herbalist – Dr. Anj Lum, DAOM, L.Ac, Dipl.OM, RN, CCRN – Shiu Healing Touch

Chiropractor/Acupuncture – Dr. Kelly Geritano – The Complete Wellness Center

Osteopathic/Functional Doctor – Dr. Richard Feely – The Feely Center for Wellness

Natural Health and Wellness Doctor – Dr. Mark Zumhagen – Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

The Swank MS Diet – Based on the lifetime of research by Dr. Roy L. Swank, MD, PhD.

Montel Williams MS foundation – Info on his journey with MS and different resources.

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation provides a comprehensive approach to helping people with MS maintain their health and well-being. They offer programming and support to keep them self-sufficient and their homes safe and provide educational programs heighten public awareness and promote understanding about the disease.

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago is dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care. Rehabilitation is an integral part of living and being productive with MS, as it helps MS sufferers have better muscle control and also to help muscles from becoming atrophied.

The Mayo Clinic – Cutting edge info on MS, therapies, supplementation – this is a great resource!

Health Nutz Natural Foods – Health Nutz offers vitamins & dietary supplements from industry leading companies, Gluten Free Foods, and beauty products.

Personal training, Pilates, – Mary Jo Blackburn –  Life Changes Personal Fitness, LLC – 708-516-5076 or