Multiple Sclerosis and Vitamin D 

Vitamin DVitamin D may be one of the most important nutrients to heal our bodies, not just issues like Multiple Sclerosis, but many autoimmune diseases, even cancer. Vitamin D deficiencies run rampant now – especially in Americans. So is it just coincidental that autoimmune disease, chronic disease, and cancers do too? Vitamin D levels are steadily declining as children and adults spend less time outdoors.


There is conclusive evidence to show we must optimize our Vitamin D!    

Studies have shown that maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin D may have a protective effect and lower the risk of developing Multiple Sclerosis. Vitamin D may even lessen the frequency and severity of our MS Symptoms. When you’re having a flare-up, your Vitamin D levels may be almost non-existent!  Research is being done every day to expand our understanding of Vitamin D and the necessity to have optimal levels for our overall health, especially in the MS community.  Your doctor can order a Vitamin D level test. It’s important to find out where you are currently so that you have a reference point or baseline in tracking your levels. I get my levels tested throughout the year usually in winter and summer, however, if my levels come back as low, I would need to get tested again after I raised my D dosage to ensure my levels were in the healthy range. Screening for vitamin D deficiency is especially important for African-Americans and other ethnic groups with darker skin, due to the decreased natural production of Vitamin D from sun exposure.


The link between Vitamin D and MS is strengthened by the association between sunlight and the risk of MS. We see that locations farther away from the equator, there is a higher risk of MS. Sunlight is the body’s most efficient source for Vitamin D. An effective way to get your D levels up is to spend about 15 minutes a day (mornings are best) in direct sunlight with the least amount of clothing on.  The more skin exposure, the more D that is produced.  For those of us who cannot get into the sun except for summer months, we must look to supplementing to get our Vitamin D.

What about the standard recommended daily allowances for Vitamin D?

The Mayo Clinic and Swedish studies have shown that the recommended daily allowances are no where near the levels we need if we are to combat Multiple Sclerosis and other illnesses. I take 8000 IU’s a day of Vitamin D3 with K2  during the months when I can’t get into the sun. During the summer months, I take 4000 IU’s. I highly recommend investigating The Mayo Clinic website as they have a reference guide for Vitamin D dosing correlated to your specific disease or symptoms. (As always, talk with your trusted health care provider before starting any type of supplement.)

What are optimal levels of Vitamin D?

We have to understand that standards for the amount of Vitamin D you should take are different for disease prevention, treatment, and what traditional medicine (non holistic or functional medicine) follow.  Here’s an example – When I tested out under 50 ng/ml my GP said that level was normal, I didn’t need to worry about supplementing. Then when I told my holistic Dr’s that number, they immediately had me raise my D3 dosage to 20,000 IUs a day for 2 months to get my levels raised quickly. I’ve always tried to keep my D levels between 70-100 ng/ml.

 Vitamin D

What conditions occur because of Vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency can cause: Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chrons Disease, Parkinson’s, Depression, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis, Asthma, TB, Autism, Gout – as you see from this list, Vitamin D deficiency is dangerous and can be deadly. You’ll want to talk with your Dr right away about starting a Vitamin D protocol for yourself, it can really help every aspect of your health.

The more I research, the more amazed I become! Vitamin D is just awesome for our bodies, our immune systems, and especially our Multiple Sclerosis! 


To Our Health!

Kellie Alderton


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