Can we beat Multiple Sclerosis?

If you look to traditional medicine for that answer that would be a resounding and absolute “NO!” We’re told once you have MS you always have MS and we sit and wait for the next exacerbation, we live flare up to the next flare up. That’s how our lives are defined, by the medical community anyway. The medical community also tells us that MS has a mind of its own, almost taking away any chance of us being able to do anything to stop or slow its progression. I totally disagree with that whole scenario. There is far too much information out there to help us start feeling better. We must open our eyes and take control of our health.

I’ve been dealing with MS for over 29 years – Yes,  this is my 29th year of living with this disease and I’m shocked at how some in the medical field will still say that there is nothing we can do to be healthy. They will tell us there is no “proof” that anything other than disease modifying drugs can help us. I’m sorry that’s just not true, I am living proof of that and there is far too much evidence to contradict that statement!

We know that some people with cancer, for example, would be considered “cured” if they didn’t have a relapse after 5 years. So why then is Multiple Sclerosis considered differently? Let’s say someone commits to changing their diet, they exercise, they change environmental factors, they look at their relationships, they look at healing the “whole” body?  What if we go for 2 years without a flare-up, what about 4 years without a flare-up, what about 6 years?

Can we ever say we are recovered or cured of Multiple Sclerosis?Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is very much an individual thing, but what if we take the 5, 6 or  10-year mark, relapse free, would that signify recovery? Think about it, what if we all strived to hit that milestone? If we stayed on the path to heal our immune systems, heal our bodies from whatever has thrown it off track to the point that we have an MS diagnosis. What if we stay focused on recovery and being positive  – wouldn’t there be so much to gain by considering we are recovered or healed or cured? How much HOPE would that give people to think this is not a “Life Sentence?”

I caution you, in this process, we cannot worry about every little symptom that may arise from our MS. This means do not think every challenge or twitch or flutter means a full blown exacerbation, possible hospitalization or even full disability. Our minds are so very powerful, as anyone with Multiple Sclerosis knows, in fact, many doctors will not want us to focus too much on what COULD happen or MIGHT happen because we will often times start to manifest those exact symptoms! YES, OUR MINDS ARE THAT POWERFUL. Instead, I say each of us should look at our lifestyles, what’s working, what’s not and do everything possible to target becoming healthy, heal our body, heal our immune systems, and just being happy!

I turned around my whole disease and am now living symptom-free, healthy and strong. I supplement, eat a healthy diet, exercise, do alternative therapies – chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture, meditation, dry brushing, earthing, juicing, healing relationships and making sure I laugh a lot!


We must take things in stride and put all our attention on our quality of life. This is a lifestyle, not a quick fix!

We can do it!

If you’re looking for more holistic and natural ways to beat your MS, you’ll want to check out my book “Waking Up From MS – My Journey to Health, Healing, and Living Symptom-Free.” It details my almost 30-year journey with MS and how I am now healthy, strong and symptom-free!


To our Health!

Kellie Alderton

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